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updating again.. sorry.


--name: Alex
--global position: Hell (Shit... I mean Kansas. Sorry.)
--sex: Female
--happy birthday to me: March 27
--age: 14
--status: Single
--occupation: Uh none.
--nationality: American... unfortuanitly. (Haha I'm listening to "merican" by The Descendents right now.)


--fondest memory of this year: Definitly December 6th, 2003.
--worst memory of this year: ...Don't wanna think about it. :/
--first word: No idea.
--childhood favorite: I dunno.
--recess past-time: Hiding behind bushes from those evil kids... :o


--college: KU I guess.
--occupation: Graphic Design
--ride: Rollercoasters!
--future resident of: Umm...
--wedding: I don't care.
--number of kids: Still don't care.
--lookin forward to: This weekend (Worlds of Fun hopefully) and possibly going to Washington this summer with Sam and Blondie, ah and going to Colorado this summer too.
--NOT lookin forward to: Tomorrow.


--feeling: Annoyed, but okay.
--listening to: Dream Theater
--doing: What's it look like?
--thinking of: How I'm missing the Cursive concert :(
--craving: Nothing.
--missing: CURSIVE.
--hating: President Bush.


--songs: Too many
--radio station: 96.5 The Buzz, duh.
--tv show: Most things on Fuse, except for the rap shit and the latin music crap... lmfao.
--movies: Big Fish, Sabrina (NOT the Teenage Witch... the Audrey Hepburn movie.) or Gothika.
--mall: Colorado Mills.. that place is fucking awesome. They have a skatepark!
--actor: Does Bam count? 'Cause hes fucking hot...
--actress: Audrey Hepburn
--food: Ramen noodles! Yay.
--character: Uhh what?


--love is_____: Stupid :/
--first love: Ha I'm not telling.
--current love: None.
--love or lust: Love
--best love songs: Anything by HIM. Lovemetal<333
--is it possible to be in love more than one person at the same time?: Not the kind of love you are thinking of...though you can love more than one person...
--when love hurts, you______: Cry. Or want to cry.
--true or false, all you need is love: True. The Beatles know all :)
--is there such a thing as love at first sight?: I don't think so at all.
--is puppy love, really love?: ...umno.


--turn ons: Good music taste. Emo-boy hair.. lol tonya.
--turn offs: Smoking, drugs, muscles.. ew.., being all tough and shit.. tchh.. a lot of stuff.
--first thing you notice: Face & eyes.
--what kind of hair style: Somewhat long... but not like those Hanson kids' hair. Eww.
--the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you?: Umm I dunno.


--cat or dog: Dog
--short or long hair: Medium
--innie or outtie: Innie
--sunshine or rain: Sunshine
--moon or sun: Moon
--basketball or football: Neither.
--righty or lefty: Lefty
--holla front or holla back: ...What?
--hugs or kisses: Depends who it's from...
--1 best friend or 10 acquantances: 1 best friend
--bf/gf or best friend: Ehhhh... no comment.
--tv or radio: Radio
--starbucks or jamba juice: Starbucks...wtf is Jamba Juice?
--mcdonalds or burger king: WENDY'S! Their food is nasty but the Frosties pwn.
--summer or winter: Summer. Well I like autumn but that wasn't on the list. :/
--written letters or e-mails: Depends
--playstation or nintendo: Playstation. 2.
--disney or nickelodeon: No. Fuse. The end.
--car or motorcycle: Car. McLaren F1 :)
--sing or dance: Sing
--freak or slow dance: Slow
--google or ask jeeves?: Google


--can you swim?: Yeah
--do you have carpet or wood floors: A little of both
--what`s under your bed?: Bodies :o lol
--what are you scared of?: Losing people I love.
--what is your greatest accomplishment?: Good question
--how many TVs in the house?: Three. Not like I ever watch them...
--how many phones?: 5 I think.
--how many dvd players do you have?: One
--last i/m: A few minutes ago.
--last doctor visit?: A couple months ago?
--last cry: Saturday morning. :/
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